Monday, June 28, 2010

Again? Really?

We are returning to the land of iniquity. We were there a year ago, and I thought I might never return. I have issues with crowds, you know. The allure of getting away sans children was just too overwhelming. (Would you believe I googled how to say "without" in French, because I forgot, and came up with a wiki article on how to french kiss? Merci buckets, oui, oui)  We are staying here again, because it was fab, I have to see her, I just have to, and I need to get me one of these because a girl needs her chocolate.  For our 21st anniversary we will be in Vegas.  Vegas baby!  What DO Mormons do in Vegas?

On another note, do you think I can get my darling KT to leave his mistress at home?  Highly doubt it!


  1. One of my mormon co-workers just passed up a free trip to Vegas. It will be fun, at least it was for this non-crowd-loving, non-alcoholic, and non-gambler (though I had a small number of beverages and sat at the poker machines and black jack tables for a few minutes here and there). Explore the town and find stuff to do that you've never seen before... renew your vows with Elvis. ;-)

  2. Have a great trip away without the kids! I haven't been to Vegas in years. I'm sure it's all different from how I remember now.

  3. I just got back last night. And in fact, I really want to do a post about a Mormon's Guide to Vegas. I am still working on it.

  4. No, the i-phone goes everywhere. My husband temporarily lost his on a ride at Disneyland. Someone actually turned it in and he was reunited within the hour. (But actually, he's looking forward to the microsoft release of a similar type of phone in a few months. I'm sure he'll ooo and ahhhh over that for months when it comes out.)

    I think vegas would be fun. They've made it very family friendly. There's a lot to see and do. My husband and I have not ever spent much time there but we think it would be fun and it could even be romantic. Don't they have gondalier rides? It would even be fun for kids for a few days.

  5. haHA, i liked the bit about the article on french kissing on wiki. giggled right out loud.


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