Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Beautiful Idaho!  My dh took these pictures when he was on a 50 mile hike with a bunch of 16 to 18 year old boys.  I swear every time he goes on one of these he comes back with a near death experience.  He really is a city boy who unless he ups his life insurance is no longer allowed to go...  :)


  1. We live in such a beautiful country. I've never been to Idaho and just think "potato" but I see it's much more than that!

  2. I really love the 2nd picture!!!! Idaho has some beautiful places!

    So, how much life insurance would actually compensate for the loss of his life? I'll bet it's a lot.

  3. Idaho is one of my favorite places to drive through! Theres always something interesting to look at our the window.

  4. Gorgeous. My hubby loves mountain biking and coming home with new scrapes and bruises. Ditto on the life insurance thing.

  5. Holy Moley - 50 mile hike!! That's awesome!


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