Friday, June 11, 2010

Moonlit walks

 Many years ago I lived in the "arm pit" of America, a desolate place called Yuma, Arizona.  It was the kind of place that weather maps on the news show as VERY HOT.  Summer temperatures soar to 120°.  So miserably hot that if you walk outside at 6:00 am, you get goose bumps from the heat.  I know, weird.  I had two small little boys at the time, and, like most new moms, I wanted to put them in a stroller and take them for a walk.  Once the sun set, and the time read 10:00 pm, I would load my two babies into their double stroller for a walk in the moonlight with temperatures at a brisk 90°.  It's just what you did...

I never thought of romanticizing my experiences with my little men.  But they truly were my little loves, my little boyfriends.  I had many a slobbery kisses to prove it.


  1. I can't even imagine living a normal life in temperatures that hot! I guess the one good thing is that you didn't have humidity to deal with, but let's face is HOT!

    I love the words you use to describe your boys...

  2. Which would you say is worse? Texas heat with the oppressive humidity or the burning dry heat of Arizona. Personally I would rather live in Texas.

  3. I think it sounds lovely. My little guy was totally in-love with me when he was a baby and toddler. It was so nice. I think I'll miss that as he grows up. He's five now and still thinks I'm pretty great. :)

  4. I grew up in Mesa, and I, too referred to Yuma as the armpit of America. So true.



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