Monday, June 14, 2010

Tats and poking the bear

My wild side really likes this. My sister in law has several tats my favorite being the daisy anklet. But don't go overboard, otherwise it can just looks like graffiti. When I lived in Hawaii, I dated a guy for like a month and he tattooed my name on his arm. He was an army guy from Colorado, so I guess he thought we were destined for each other. I just got creeped out and was finished after that. I had heard that he went back and had squiggly lines tattooed through my name to conceal it.  A group of girls from college went and got matching tattoos on their ankles.  Teddy bears are dumb...

Secretly I long for a tat in an inconspicuous place. I've mentioned this before. I will never follow through with my secret desire. My church teaches that our bodies are our temple, and I mostly agree. Besides, KT would probably have a fit! I want to get a temporary and freak him out. Wouldn't that be fun? Being an instigator can be terribly exciting.

Have you ever poked the bear so to speak? KT and I do that to each other all the time. For so long, I would just get PO'd at him. Now I just laugh and poke him right back. I sat through a church lesson recently that defined successful and unsuccessful marriages. According to the list, I have an unsuccessful marriage. My marriage is filled with teasing and sarcasm. The difference is we both know it is in fun. I think I would be worried if suddenly our marriage became tame and respectful. That is the zest that keeps us going. We were counseled to laugh a lot in our marriage...That we do!

Now the randomness of my thoughts has me concerned about my mental health.  How can you get from one idea to the other.  Point A to B.  KT says it's a woman thing.  He doesn't follow half of what I say.  I usually get the absent minded nod from him.  I know you know of what I speak.  That thing that husbands do when they hear you but not really?  Give me a nod if you understand.  That's right!


  1. I secretly want a tattoo, but I am a wimp and couldn't handle the pain!

    And I don't understand why people do the name thing, unless it's a family member. It is the kiss of death!

  2. I always thought I would never get a tattoo, but then my sister came up with an idea. After Mom died lady bugs came to symbolize the good times we had with her. So, Teri suggested we get lady bug tattoos and I caved. My niece drew the pictures for the tats and now my sister and I both have lady bug tattoos. My older niece has since then gotten one also. I added the link to the blog post with pictures of mine and Teri's if you want to check them out :-)

  3. Its so neat to find out these neat little things about fellow lds women... we all have our little inklings. :) I wanted a nose ring for the longest time... Im glad I didnt do it now.

  4. Oh girl I think we were separated at birth. I am with you on Every. Single. Point. Yes I have always wanted to get a henna tattoo in my nether-regions and surprise my hubby. And we too fail every celestial marriage class we have every sat in. We would have no communication without sarcasm. And he thinks I am completely insane and can never follow my train of thought.

    Thanks for making me feel normal.

  5. I'm not a tatoo person. I mean, I've seen some that look pretty interesting on some people but I just can't imagine that you'd want anything like that FOREVER. Not to mention your skin changes as you age and things stop looking right. I think they are really stupid because they are permanent. But that's just my opinion.

    I couldn't really handle sarcasm in my marriage. I think I would cry. Seriously. My husband doesn't do criticism. So we are always nicey nice. It works for us. We can have a serious conversation but it all has to be respectful all the time. I find it very, nice.

    But as long as you and your hubby "get" each other then what you are happy with is fine by me. :)

    I think randomness is cool too. I think our brains hop around a lot during the day. It keeps things interesting.


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