Monday, January 4, 2010

My Fetish...

It is not some weird sexual thing, I promise! I have a fetish for snowmen. They are so dang cute! They are round and happy and have the cutest smiles and carrot noses. I don't know when this fetish started. Perhaps it was when my loving husband started taking on a nice rounded middle age shape. (Love ya, KT!) I've begun collecting snowmen. Tree ornaments, wall hangings, pillows, blankets, books and more. I was reading Snowmen at Night once in a store and I was giggling out loud. I'm sure the little child standing next to me in the in the children's section of the book store thought I was just a crazy lady, but it just really struck my funny bone. I could visualize these silly snowmen doing races, snow angels, snowball fights and sipping hot cocoa all while we are tucked snug in our beds oblivious to what is going on outside our windows. Doesn't it make you laugh too? We can be crazy together. What do you think?

Typically snowmen tend to come out at my home in December, but I've decided that snowmen can bring warmth to the heart all year. I am going to leave a few key pieces out so everyone who comes by will know I've gone off the deep end. CANNON BALL!!!


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I love me some snowman. I'm also addicted to snowflakes. Can't get enough of them. =)

  2. Bahaha. I think I've already told you that I have the same affliction. I have a Christmas tree decorated entirely with snowmen-not to mention the eleventy billion other snowmen which dot the house. And I love the books...rolling around the perfectly lit streets. :) I think it started with Frosty the Snowman; the whole concept was so enchanting.

    Weirder still... I hate actually building snowmen. Too hard to make them into the perfect shape I feel they need to be. Besides the fact that you freeze to death trying to.

  3. I have four wonderful clay snowmen that my kids made in elementary school. They grace my den year round!

  4. This is so funny! They are pretty darn cute.

  5. I really like snomen too. They come in so many different varieties. They warm my heart. I say they are great all year long!


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