Monday, January 11, 2010

My love affair...

I have a little companion, a buddy, really, who goes every where with me.  He is small and black and follows me every where I go.  I call him Bud.  There is no sense cheating on him, because, inevitably, he will know.  He is the Body Bugg.  Let's face it, after the food orgy over the past few weeks, it is time to do a little calorie counting.  I love this little contraption that helps me track my calories burned vs. my calories consumed.  I am a visual learner, and this is such an eye opener!  It is the BEST toy!  If you are considering weight loss, I certainly would recommend it.  I think it is so much better than any of those special foods diets.  I've seen people go on those only to regain their weight when they were done with the foods.  With this little contraption, I get to eat what I eat.  I read labels more diligently.  I consider the calories before I put something in my mouth.  Like...two miles of walking only burns off two cookies?  CRAP!  We will have our ups and downs together, Bud, and I.  I'd like to think he will stick with me through better and worse and think and thin. But, hopefully, more thins in the future.

**The FTC requires bloggers to state whether they have received any sort of compensation for their product review post.  With regard to this, I would like to disclose that I have not received any kick back, I just reviewed this product because I like it.**


  1. Hey Lisa! I've been told about those and I was wondering where you got yours and how much it was! Angie Batis

  2. wait, what? you're joking right? LOL FTC??
    what exactly does bud do? does he keep track of calories burned and consumed?? I'm back for a bit. Missed reading your blog

  3. Wow! I've never heard of this. How cool! Stopping by from SITS!

    Joanne @ Ready, Set, Craft!

  4. This is a good idea... maybe I should look into this....hmmmmmm. Thanks for the inspiration to keep an eye on my own calories and for today! LOL! Visiting from SITS!

  5. That's a great idea! Really, I think special "diets" only are good as long as you are doing them. So unless you plan to do your diet FOREVER it won't last. Something like your bugg just helps you to make better daily choices! And that can last a lifetime. :)

  6. bud sounds nice. of course, i'd probably cheat on him.

    visiting from sits.

  7. I hope you and Bud continue to get along famously!

  8. Okay, how long have the two of you been together? How has he changed your life?
    This sounds like a very interesting relationship. Best wishes and congratulations.


  9. NOW I know what I want for my birthday. Where did you get it?


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