Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thermometers, petri dishes and Bolt!

School this week was like a war zone. The walking wounded were everywhere, no one at 100% stumbling around like zombies. It was like living in a petri dish; a science experiment. Despite all my precautions and the "body armor" I pushed, we did not escape unscathed. Alas, Ladybug is sporting a fever of 101.5°. As a mother, I knew better than to send her to school this week, but the stigma of an unexcused absence loomed too strong. Holding your kids out of school because you're afraid they might get sick just isn't a good enough excuse. So, instead I sent her to school this week where she sat next to a boy with mono and seven other kids who were dropping like flies because they had been diagnosed with Influenza. Over all her class attendance was 83%. That's not good! I work on the high school side and our attendance was a whopping 75%. Holy Yikes! So instead of her first day of softball, today she is wrapped in a blanket, sipping water, popping ibuprofen and watching Bolt.
What kind of mother sends her child into the cesspool of a science experiment?!


  1. I work in an office of 8 employees, and 4 of them were sick this week. And I'm sort of bitter one of them wasn't me.

    And I LOVE that you have my comment whore button up! Most people go for the junkie one.

  2. I am afraid that I do the same thing....send my oldest because I don't want her to get in trouble for too many absences. I think a lot of parents get caught in that trap. What can you do?

    I hope she gets feeling better! Instead of watching Bolt, you two should be watching Twilight! Did you get your copy yet with the extras? I can't wait!

  3. Rats!--I hope you don't get this!
    Hope she feels better soon...

    I'm heading to petri dish central er I mean stake conference tomorrow...we'll see how that goes!
    I'll know by Wednesday if we caught someone's germs...(isn't 3 days about the time you usually know if your sick?)

  4. That just bites! You can't save them from everything. It's a losing battle.


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