Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've got BAD Seed!

****Warning**** The following is the rantings of an angry mother ****Read at your own risk**** (No swear words are used)
I've heard that TJ is a bad kid. Have you heard the same thing? Whisper in my ear if you've heard something about my kids, tell me NOT EVERYONE ELSE! Gossiping is so dang evil! He hardly has any time to be a bad kid or a bad influence as heard through the gossip chain. When he isn't at home doing homework, he is at work or a church activities. Go figure! He's no saint, so I'm sure those who gossip most certainly know more than his parents. I must admit, his hair is a bit longer than everyone else's, though it doesn't touch his collar. I'd like to blame this one on the young women today. They love his hair longer, and thy don't hesitate to tell him. Who wouldn't want to grow their hair out just a bit if the cute girls at school are saying, "Oh, TJ, we love your hair, we think it looks like Zac Efron". Besides, we don't all fit that nice little mold. We are individuals with agency. Blame his individuality on his nonconformist mother.
It's not like he is sporting a nice little tattoo that says "Mom" (or is he? some more fodder?)
Nor does he drive a Harley. Just a 1993 Honda Civic.
How long until the kid begins to believe the gossip and just says SCREW IT!? (That's not a swear word. I'm holding a screw driver). I've taken psychology classes...I think it's time everyone minds their own business and starts mothering their own children. As I see it, I have three choices: 1. Stay where I'm at and play Russian roulette with my child's life 2. Scratch some eyes out 3. Change wards
Has anyone else ever had this kind of a problem? If so, what were your solutions? Gee! I feel better...Thanks for letting me complain


  1. Who are you hearing this from? What kinds of things are being said about him?

  2. I must remain vague as I don't want to perpetuate more the gossip. But, I hear it from my kids, who hear it from other kids, who heard it from so and so's mother, etc, etc, etc...

  3. I LOVE TYLER!!! Zach told me the little saga and I think Tyler is a very nice polite kid. He is welcome to my home any time. Lisa, the motto I live by is this: What goes around comes around. ANYONE judging others kids will pay the price at sometime in their life. Keep your chin up and be the best you can be without worrying about others!

  4. I'm sorry--this is the pits!
    I've been on both ends and both make me sick to my stomach...

    When it's something about your own child, our mother claws come out and want to slay anyone who wrongs us...

    What Angie said is right..."What goes around, comes around"--just keep reminding yourself of that and lay low...Try not to let it get to you (I know that's easier said than done)

    This, too, shall pass!

  5. TJ has always been a nice, polite boy. I realize it has been a long time since we have seen him, but I doubt his nature has changed that much.

    We had a neighbor in Meridian (You know who I am talking about) that many, many horrible things were said about all her sons. One son especially, seemed to receive a lot of criticism. She cried many Sundays and even contemplated quitting the ward altogether. But the gossip passed, and her son (now a father of three) is successful and almost finished with his internship to be a doctor.

    Hang in there. You know your son--and he is great--even if he has sexy hair like Zack Efron! (Yummy!)

  6. I don't know your kids, but I know what kind of mom you are...I also have teenagers and there are always people that want to spread rumors...they hear something and they pass it along and then it gets "recreated." My rule...give your kid the benefit of the doubt. I am not saying "excuse bad behavior" at any cost (I dislike those parents), but let him tell his side, and then defend him like a mother bear defends her cubs. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, but it doesn't make the gossip right. You know your kids, you know the truth...and that, ultimately, is all that matters.


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