Friday, March 20, 2009


When you work in a school, you have to be armed. Not with a glock or a 22 (although at some schools, that might not be a bad idea if it weren't against the law) but with these:

Exposure to things like the flu, cold, strep, croup, fifths diseases, chicken pox, mono, diarreah and vomiting is a common every day experience. I have become a "germophope" washing off my phone with antibacterial wipes after somone uses it. Yuck! Everytime I feel a tickle in my nose or a scratch in my throat, I OD on these things. So far, I haven't been sick this school year. (I should knock on wood now). I probably just jinxed my luck. After some massive outbreaks of Influenza, mono and various other illnesses, it is time to "air out" at home. I am heaving a huge sigh of relief as I throw the windows open to let the projected 67° blow through the house bringing with it
rejuvination of health
And, some great smelling fresh air, too...


  1. So true!--another product that I really like (and it's delicious, too!) is Emergen-C...have you tried it? The pink lemonade flavor is delicious and kicks the tar out of any possible germ that might have entered my body--

    My youngest is a nose picking thumb sucker so we're getting all kinds of sicko germs thanks to her!

  2. I have never tried any of these products....but as a sunbeam teacher, it sounds like it would be advisable.

    They really work? You haven't been sick once? That is impressive.....I think will try them. Which do you recommend for a first-timer? I was going to say virgin...but then I don't want to get into that... :D

  3. Before I read your post, the gun scared me....... :D

    I was relieved to read that you were talking about illness instead of something that might have happened at the school you work at...


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