Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Water, Water, Water

As of today. I am committing to drinking
water and lots of it.
It's a God given beverage: Nature's choice.
It is healthy and clean and quenching. I am hereby giving up my carbonated beverage of choice. I love a bubbly Cherry Coke Zero. I know there aren't any calories, but the carbonation isn't that great for me. Plus the sodium is dehydrating and not good for the heart. I'm not giving up juices or Crystal Lights, just sodas. There are so many great health benefits to drinking lots of water: Increased metabolism which aids in burning fat skin resiliency after weight loss Better bowel function flushes toxins out of your body glowing, clearer skin Great for your heart Help me keep track with my ticker at the bottom of my blog.
Anyone else want in on the Soda boycott?


  1. OK, so I did the exact same thing as you, for the same reasons. I read that even though Diet soda has no sugar, it actually makes you crave sugar more.

    It lasted 2 months. And now I'm back on the Diet Coke. It's delicious.

  2. I agree with everything you have said! My deal is that I can go a few days without drinking soda. Its not an addiction and I do enjoy one occassionally. You have encouraged me to drink more water though!! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I am so addicted to soda, that I started restricting myself from drinking it in the morning. Before noon, I can't have any soda--I drink ice cold water. Ironically, if I can make it that long, I really don't miss it or want it as much later in the day. In the morning, I just crave caffeine.

    I will take your challenge...water is better! After seeing some pics we took this weekend, I hope it will help me burn some fat!

    Thanks for the email....I enjoyed the info!

  4. yep, no soda here!! for the past two weeks, anyways...it also saves money too... I'm all about that.

    My current addiction is the sugarfree p ink lemonade - either crystal light or walmart brand. That, and H2O. cant get enough of that stuff.


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