Monday, March 23, 2009


This is Sydney... Born February 14, 2002 She is a Rottweiler mix She is an Aquarius She enjoys playing with balls, going for long walks, chewing pens, and playing with her new buddy, Milo. She is getting older and it scares us. She still acts like a puppy, though, but sometimes you can tell it hurts her to walk.


  1. This reads like a singles ad....For a moment, I thought you were trying to find a "happy, single male" for Sydney. :D

    Is her buddy Milo another dog?

    It is too bad that it hurts her to walk at times. Did she get hurt? Or is that normal for her breed?

  2. X's and O's to my fellow aquarian, Sydney! :)

    She has very wise eyes...

    I hate it when people say that they don't want to own a pet because the fear of getting too attached!--I don't want to live my life petless just because I know that one day they will die!--good grief!!--I've loved all of my pets and think they are one of the most amazing gifts the Lord has given us on this earth!


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