Friday, April 11, 2014

Something has to Click

The other day I mentioned some things that had been on my mind while I was absent from the blogging sphere.  Weight loss has been on my mind since my whole back episode last summer and then surgery.  Gaining weight while being basically stagnant was hard for me.  But, losing that weight is critical to the health and the health of my back, and it's so dang hard.

I'd try then I'd stop...I'd try again and get discouraged and stop.  There was no consistency to desire and no commitment either.  Deep down I wanted to be healthier, but It just seemed too hard, I wanted to do it the easy way...

In February, something just clicked.  It was a mental thing.  It was like suddenly a light turned on in my brain.  I realized that I was the only one who could do anything about it.  I am committed!  My "I can" matches my "I want" desire to be healthy.  That little "click" helped me to log over 50 running miles on the treadmill in March!

I read an article that listed 6 mental shifts that need to occur for weight loss.  Some of them are
  • Be ready to commit
  • Love yourself enough
  • Have clarity about your goal
You can read more information about it here.

So, although I'm not a fitness expert by any means, I thought I would share some things that are working for me.  I mean we all need a bit of motivation and maybe you will keep me accountable.

What helps you get motivated and stay motivated?

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  1. When I'm struggling to find motivation I sign up for a race...I can't justify wasting the money so it always gets me out logging those miles!

  2. I have heard many people say to find some exercise you love, but sadly, I don't love anything except hiking, which in Utah can only happen a few months a year. But it has helped for me to get into the habit of waking up early before my kids and exercising. It has become something on my to-do list like showering and getting dressed. It still isn't easy, but I do it. Hope you can find what works well for you.

  3. I am climbing back on the wagon . . . again. It's tough. I actually enjoy working out, but it's hard to get to the gym with my one-year-old. They have childcare, but it's crowded and noisy, overwhelming for a little guy. And he seems to get sick every time I put him in there. I am enjoying Utah's beautiful spring weather and go out most days for a walk. Of course I need to do more. My issue is portion control. When I have lost weight, it's because I track my calories. I use the free app MyFitnessPal. It lets you log food intake as well as track exercise efforts. Plus you can link it to EveryMove (another free app) that lets you accrue award points for each workout you do. I have my reward points linked to a charity. I have the tools. Now I just need to do it. In fact, I've posted my fitness goals on my blog. You know what they say about a goal that's not written down.

    Today I ate too much. But tomorrow I will hit my target goals for calorie intake and exercise. Will you?


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