Friday, April 25, 2014

Deciding What's Important...

A few weeks ago I talked about how Something Just has to Click in order to become successful in the healthy living quest.  Back when I was still struggling with consistency, my husband mentioned "You just have to decide what's most important."  I was a little put off at first.  Of course, healthy eating and working out was important to me.  I work part time, come home eat lunch, read my scriptures, do laundry, house cleaning, errands and other things important to home management.  Sometimes my work out got shuffled to the back burner.

So, I heeded my husbands advice and decided what was most important.  I have been getting up at 5:00 am to go to the gym.  With exactly 45 minutes to work out before I need to head home to get ready for work, I can get in some strength moves and a 25 to 30 minute run.  Working out is now literally coming first.  It feels good and a great way to start the day.  The only drawback?  I'm ready for bed by 8:30.

Do you work out?  
If so, when do you find time to squeeze it in?
What works for you?

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  1. I've been walking atleast an hour a day since Little Monkey was 2 weeks. I try to add in a Jillian Michaels DVD or jumping jacks and push-ups when he lets me!!!

  2. When I worked full-time, I did just as you did: got up early or worked out after work, but I made time for it. It's a bit easier now, but I hope no matter how life changes, it will always be a priority. Not only is it good for my physical health, but it's necessary for my mental health too.

  3. Wow. It must be a priority for you to get up that early. I'd be ready for bed by 8:30, too. :)


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