Monday, April 21, 2014

Miguel Testifies of the Work {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

April 7, 2014

Well another week down!! I had two days of meetings and General Conference! So like four days of work were out!!  I kind of felt bad because we had 21 lessons and I was talking to some Sisters and they had a rough week and I was like yeah us too! They asked how so and I said we only had 21 lessons and they said they never had that many for their whole mission. It was awkward, but we were averaging 30 a week for like 4 weeks. I hate having to talk to missionaries who are struggling.  But a Sister who just got transferred said we were the best Zone Leaders she ever had. Then we mad fun of her because she brought it up by saying that they had been talking about how awesome we are.  I was like "You would be talking about us" It was funny! But yeah slow week///Loraine is still doing awesome!!! She came to conference!!! Conference was sweet!! I don't know what my favorite part was, I gotta go back over my notes!!! But yeah good but slow week!

I just realized I only email like 10 more times............ Freak!!!! Better go hard with the work!!! Gosh I don't want it to end!!! I love this work!! I was sitting in bed reading the Book of Mormon the other day and in 3 Nephi 27:19 it speaks of no unclean thing entering into the Kingdom of God. The Spirit hit me so strong that this is it. I just wish everyone knew the way, the way to return to God, the only true way.  God has provided the one and only Truth! Mom I'm changing my name and putting my papers back in when I get home! Haha but for real! This has been so life changing over the past 21 months. I have been cursed at, threatened, demeaned, persecuted, condemned, ignored, But oh how sweet the reward!  I have seen people healed by the power of the Priesthood, I have seen lives changed by the Atonement of Christ, I have seen people cleansed of their sins through the waters of baptism and reception of the Holy Ghost, I have felt the Spirit so strong I could not open my mouth, and more than anything else I have felt the Atonement change me. I am so grateful for this!  I don't have much time left. but I hope and pray I serve diligently and faithfully. I wish I was a better missionary but I guess I can only do my best. The struggle is real, the reward is great!! Get off the sidelines and go to work!

Hamer out!!!

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