Monday, April 28, 2014

of Death and Struggles {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

July 2013 with Elder Loertscher

"April 21, 2014

Well hey!

These past two weeks have been kind of interesting.  One of my favorite missionary Companions passed away, really one of my best friends.  I had a week of hearing from members in old areas, missionaries telling me again, and it just kept coming up. It weighed heavy for a while, but  I know Christ lives and I know we will all live again. 

It has just been a contrasting week. John, an investigator we have, has been doing so great and we have had so many spiritual experiences this week with him. Last Sunday he skipped work and got fired because he wanted to be able to come to church.  He is just such a sincere guy. But, sadly, he couldn't make it this week because his new job called him in and he said he didn't want to lose another one right away.  He shouldn't have to work Sundays usually.  He is super elect! 

I think with watching John change through Christ and hearing about Elder Loertscher's death that my testimony of Christ has really been strengthened these past couple weeks. I know my Savior lives, I know guilt and regret can be changed, and I now know death shall have no sting. I'm am so grateful for this gospel! As we all should be!

Hamer out!"

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  1. My hear breaks when I hear of a missionar death.


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