Monday, April 14, 2014

A Baptism and a Dog Bite {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

March 17, 2014

Well another week down! No big deal met with three General Authorities in a week! Elder Cook, Elder Piper and Elder Kapiska! It was sweet! Elder Cook spoke a ton about faith, and I had actually been praying that he would! So it was so cool that he did, and that was on Saturday! On Thursday we had zone Conference with Elder Kapiska and had a six hour question and answer session.  It was so crazy! I learned so much.  I cant even remember it all without my notes! The next day I got to go to another three hour meeting with him and all the other Zone Leaders! So a lot of meetings this week, but it was sweet!! This Friday we have a baptism, Loraine is so legit. 

Elder Hamer

March 24, 2014

This week was pretty sweet!! Loraines's baptism was awesome! Her son came and he was in tears as he gave a talk on the Holy Ghost.  It is always a good baptism when it only takes one time under the water! but it was awesome, and we had a great turn out from the ward as well.  The visiting and home teachers came and introduced themselves after the baptism so everything is going great! But, outside of that we had to drop a lot of investigators so we are pretty much starting over on finding! Last night we did find and teach a family a first discussion so we are definitely finding but just finding people who are willing to progress is hard. We talked to the bishop about where we should go and he directed us to an area that I am looking forward to a lot this week. 

Oh and I got bit in the face by a member's dIg!!! It freaking sucked!  I was petting it, and it just turned and got me in the face, and I bled.  it was super annoying.  I wanted to punch it.   It's tooth went into my cheek.  It was the worst dog experience I have ever had out here and it was a little dog!!! But thats all i got!

Hamer out!!!

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  1. He has been such a good missionary. These missions are HARD work. People don't realize how difficult they are. There is a lot of rejection and a lot of difficult people to deal with, and your son is out there serving like a man and is positive and productive. He'll be blessed, and he is blessing others.


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