Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Pause

The weather has grown the afternoons I want to wrap up in a blanket and read by the fireplace.  That's not always possible, but it is my secret wish...There are things I love and hate about the changing...I love the crisp puffs of breath, the crunchy leaves, the feeling of nesting.  I love the anticipation and excitement with the first dusting of snow.  But, I hate the shorter days...It makes me crave bed way too early, and then I just become way too lazy.

One of my favorite treats when the weather turns is a nice cup of herb tea.  I grew up on herbal tea and love it,  myself, but I can't get Ladybug to enjoy the experience with me..And tea drinking is an experience.  When I grasp that warm mug between my hands and inhale it's steamy goodness I feel all homey and warm inside.

The one thing I've find about herb tea drinking is that it creates a pause in our day.  As I take a pause to sip some warm tea, I also take a moment to reflect, and those moments create more moments of gratitude and who doesn't want to feel ALL THE TIME.  So in honor of Thanksgiving and all that is grateful, sit back and have a warm cup of herb tea and just inhale...

These are the fixings for my favorite cup of tea...

What is your favorite drink to chase off the chill?

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  1. Yum, those look good. I noticed the cream. That has got to make it even better. I like peppermint tea. It smells so good. I might have to try a little cream in it. I don't remember to drink it often enough. I used to drink parsley tea to get rid of bladder infections. It worked.

  2. I love most green tea with honey.
    Here in Germany is already the first snow. This has pleased me, but darkness and cold and I do not like. Wish winter was only a week long, shöner snow and then past.
    With greetings from afar :-)

  3. I used to collect teapots I think because they evoked the very feelings you are writing about. I stopped collecting them (dust gatherers) but still have a few cups that just make me feel special when I use them. I think you're right-- sipping a cup of tea slows you down in a way that even coffee doesn't, for some reason. It's a pause to savor.


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