Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's a Tradition...Craft Boutique's, Jewels and Marshmallow Caramels

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday to you...When I was a little girl, my mom used to take me to this craft fair called Grandmother's House.  They held it every year in Denver in model homes.  It was pretty fun...Fast forward many  years later...too many to count, and my mom (who coincidentally is a grandma) is a crafter in a similar Craft Bazaar.

If you live in the South West Idaho area, you might want to check out the Holiday House Boutique...My mom has lovely handmade jewelry.  Just look for the Simply Sassy designs by Cindy.  Cute, cute, cute...Another favorite of mine are the Marshmallow Caramels...However, I'm not sure if in my post back surgery weight loss plan that is allowed.  Ah heck!  What's life without a little treat...

So, I will be taking my daughter, Ladybug, to this here craft boutique...It is tradition:

See you there!  And save me some caramels.  

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  1. How fun--I wish I l lived closer so I could come. Now I am wanting some marshmallow caramels!


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