Monday, November 11, 2013

A Baptism and Memory Loss {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

September 2, 2013

Well this week has been pretty sweet!  Zion is gonna be baptized this Saturday, he is super excited.  He was at school talking about getting baptized, and his teacher started telling him a bunch of anti mormon stuff. So he walked out of the class.  Then he told us that he wanted to slap his teacher with a Book of Mormon.  So we told him to ask God for what to do, and he did and felt like he had to say something.  He told his teacher how much the book of Mormon has changed his life, and how depressed he was before, and how happy he is now.  The teacher was in tears, and Zion gave him a Book of Mormon the next day. Zion is a stud! Oh and last night we had another lesson with Zion about Joseph Smith, and about all he went through.  Zion was amazed and the spirit was super strong. 

Then we went and contacted this internet referral and this kid said he just meant to order a free Bible, and I asked why he wanted one and said he was looking for truth and we just testified! It was awesome! Then right after that we went to this ladies house but she wasn't there.  We were with a member through all of this, and I saw some people outside so I tried to talk to them.  They ignored me so I decide I was going to knock on a door and no one answered there either. But when we were walking back, Lydia got home and she invited us in and we taught a short lesson about the restoration the spirit was awesome!!!! It was a sweet night! 

Elder Bronson is leaving me, and I'm getting an Elder named Elder Poole he is cool!! That's all!!
The Elder Hamer!!!!"

September 9, 2013


This week was great! Zion was baptized on Friday night! It was awesome! We had a lot of people there.  We were scared the room wouldn't be big enough, but that is a good problem to have! After the baptism, Zion bore his testimony and said he was so grateful Elder Hamer kept getting on him about his language and reading and coming to church and said how much it has changed his life.  It was a sweet baptism!!!! But, Elder Bronson missed it, and it was his first baptism!  He got transferred out.

Elder Poole is my new companion. He is super cool, he is just a little guy...he is short!  haha tallest I have ever felt! We had a good week because we found a lady who was baptized in California and moved to Georgia and never went because she was scared of some place new, and she came on Sunday with her 13 year old nonmember son.  We get to teach him this week.  We don't have any super solid people at the moment, but we have been teaching a ton of people at least the first lesson.

Oh Elder Loertscher my son! Got sent home :'( He passed out and hit his head or something on the cement and lost 3 years of memory.  He thought he was 15 and so he had to go home. He was like my best friend out here now he doesn't even remember all our good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad! I miss him a lot! 

That is crazy to hear about your back mom! It better never happen to me!  I will definitely be praying!!!! But all is good out here.  Miss you all!!!! Get better mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Hamer"

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  1. That baptism sounds so great! He's a good kid, great sense of humor... Although I am worried about this kid who lost his memory! Geez! How scary and how hard did he hit his head?! Whew!

  2. what a wonderful letter and a great missionary. Love it.

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