Monday, November 4, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

August 26, 2013

"Hey how is it going!!!!??????

This week was good! Zion the kid who is getting baptized on September 6th is going strong He is a stud! The Spanish Elders where in his neighborhood and caught him reading the book of Mormon on his porch.  He asked me to be the one to baptize him!  He basically bore his testimony last lesson about how hard his home life is, but when he is around the Church and people from the Church and reading the Book of Mormon he just feels at home.  It is so sweet! He actually reminds me a ton of Oshea.  He is a good kid!

Oh this week we had a ton of stuff come up that we weren't expecting and we fell super far behind on our contacting goal...We had three days to get like 54 contacts so we got all but 15 by Sunday.  On sunday we had lessons all day and only an half an hour to contact so I prayed where to go, and a area came to mind so I biked there and we were able to talk to 16 people in a half an hour and hit our goal. None of them were that interested but I realize I was showing the Lord my effort by trying to hit the standard the mission president set for us.

I think I'm really starting to understand the atonement and the fact that we can't do anything by yourself.  I finally realize that I have to rely on the Lord wholeheartedly. I realize that when Christ said pick up your cross and follow me it is about submitting yourself and giving your own desires and lusts up, and doing all the Father commands no matter what he asks. It went a lot along with studying the fact that those who are endowed are under covenant to give all heart, might, mind and strength.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but I realize how much I give is how much more the savior will give me.

The mission is good gottta tear it up on bike another week. I got a flat tire this past week :p lame but game on!

Elder Hamer out!"

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