Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miguel's Missionary Moment

I haven't heard from Miguel much over the last few weeks.  I haven't gotten a written letter since November and not more than two sentences over the last couple of weeks via e-mail.  He is basically writing to let me know he is still alive.  I'm so grateful that he is fully committed to serving others and teaching people.  He is busy beyond belief.  But, a mama still needs to hear from her son.

Since he is on a mission and immersed in scripture, I decided that perhaps he could relate to scripture better than a regular e-mail.  I wrote Miguel my own scripture:

"Dear Elder, It is expedient that thou shalt write unto thy dear mother this day.  Thy words shall be balm for her soul.  She prays mightly for you unto the Lord and it behoveth you that thou shouldst send her good tidings of great joy.  But, if the spirit constraineth you that thou shalt not write unto thy dear mother, let the spirit confirm it unto her also.  For, in the day that thou shalt not write good things unto thy mother thou shalt surely die.  Amen!"

Guess what?  I got an e-mail, and a promise for a written letter soon.  Having a missionary, while a huge blessing, is a financial and emotional sacrifice.  I've sure been a blubbering baby lately missing this one.  More from Miguel himself next week...

On a side note, a blogging friend and I discovered that Miguel is serving in her brother's church.  I don't know why this made me feel so good, but it did.


  1. Ahhh...good ol' Waffle House. :) I'm still so surprised at what a small world this is!

  2. I love it! Nothing like a little scripture to get things moving ;0)

  3. I love it! Nothing like a little scripture to get things moving ;0)

  4. What a lovingly gentle way to put a little fire under your son's pen (or keyboard, rather!). I can't imagine the day when my children are far away for lengths of time, but that's what we're doing, isn't it? Raising them, holding them close, loving them... all just to set them on their own solo flight paths. Ahh, the joys and heartache that are motherhood.

  5. Hahah, I love your scripture to him, that is REALLY sweet! Glad you got an e-mail, now I am running over to check out that other blog, she might be in my neck of the woods!


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