Friday, February 8, 2013

Gratitude Knits Hearts

I would be remiss if I did not share with you a an experience for which I am grateful.  In December before Christmas, my 93 year old grandmother took a fall in the shower.  I was supposed to visit her, but my trip plans got altered because of weather.  Grandma was in the hospital for three weeks.  She begged to go home.  Before the fall, or BF, she could walk and sit up and stand, dress herself and all those things like unto each other by herself.  After fall, or AF, she has not been able to do anything by herself.  The doctors basically said they released her to her Assisted Living facility to die in her little home.

She lives so far away, by her choice, and I try to visit her often.  But, she is sad and depressed and has told my dad that she is waiting to die.  The spark has finally gone out of her eye and her drive is gone.  I am so grateful for my dad.  He listened to the Spirit and was impressed that it was important for my brother and I to accompany him on a trip to California to visit with her.  Only a few short days but so precious.

This was a bitter sweet visit.  It is so hard to see my grandma so helpless and acting like a child.  I miss her sharp mind and stories.  I miss being able to converse with her as her deafness is increasing.  Yet, being able to see her and visit with her is such a treasured memory.  I'm grateful that she remembers who I am, I'm grateful for all the love she has shown to me.  As her health dwindles, I knew when I said goodbye that it was probably our last face to face goodbye.  So many people don't get that, but I got it and for that I am eternally grateful.  Grandma expressed her gratitude over and over, thanking us for our visit.  In our gratitude, our hearts are forever knit together.


  1. Reading this post made my heart sigh. It's so difficult to feel loss. I recently moved my mother into an independent living facility, her choice and it's a very nice one. I'm glad she's feeling vital and able to make that decision. She has her own very nice apartment, friends and her church family nearby. But my heart shook a little. It's another step, you know? Prayers for you and your family as you make this transition and step in life.

  2. thanks for that story. It made me cry though. It brought back a lot of memories of loved ones I have lost. I hope she will be blessed.


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