Monday, February 11, 2013

Emasculation of America

I have a confession to make,  I am a woman who believes in the divine roles within a marriage. I believe men should be men and that they are the providers and the protectors. Women are the nurturers and homemakers. I do work outside the home, part time. I love my job, but I love my job at home more. I actually truly enjoy homemaking. But that is beside my point here. My point is in the Emasculation of American Men as it is one of my biggest pet peeves.

 I get really frustrated with commercials and how dumb they make men look. I'm not gunna lie, some men ARE dumb, but for the most part men are intelligent and kind and deserve a little more respect than they get. My husband gets upset by these commercials, and the peacemaker that I am, I try to remind him that he likes to laugh at dumb blonde jokes which are just as stereo typical, but inside I am seething.

I relinquish driving privileges to my husband when we are out and about together. It's not that he doesn't LET me drive, but I know that to him it makes him look and feel less masculine when I drive him around. It is important to me that he feels like a man. Quite frankly, I'd rather sit in the passenger seat....far less stress.

I heard a woman once say that her husband doesn't LIKE football anymore, as he longingly looked over her at a distant television with a football game on. Yeah Right! We are trying to change our men and mold them into the image of us. Where is the fun in that? As we try to feminize our men and not embrace their masculinity, they will begin to ignore our femininity. We become just one of the guys...Or they become just one of the girls...I don't know about you, but I want my man to hold doors for me and to look at me with so much love that I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that his sun rises and sets with me...All that good stuff  is directly affected by how I treat him...I'm grateful for my husband, his masculinity and that he is still a guy.

 So I am petitioning my fellow women to remember that
 "He is Still a Guy" 



  1. I agree. It's OK to put men in the dumb role, but whoa to anyone who ever does that to a woman these days. Agreed.

    1. Um and that's WOE to anyone. Whoa? Or maybe that fits too. LOL

  2. Absolutely!! Totally agree with you! I'm not sure why things have to go to extremes! The shows lately have men looking like total idiots. It is very offensive! I have thought this very thing myself. My husband and I have the habit that he always drives us to church on Sundays. Typically I drive because he has ADHD and has had 4 car wrecks in a time frame of a year in the past... but I let him pay for things and hold the door and do my best to make him feel manly!! I am all about women choosing the right to work or not work, but get really confused when our rights somehow show we have the right to demean and be rude to men? Why can't we all just get along and equally share our roles?

  3. I agree. My husband also drives because he says I drive like an old lady.

  4. Woohoo! Amen! I'm so glad you said what I've been thinking! :) Excited to be following you back.... ((hugs)) to ya, and keep treating that hubby like a mans man, and he'll keep treating you like a princess! ;)

  5. I would just say a big AMEN to that. thanks.

  6. I agree with you, totally. Although I drive 100% of the time because I get super carsick if I don't. But I never looked at media that way before, but now I totally get it.

    Thanks for linking up!
    Megan @

  7. I'm glad you made this post. I think it is true. And more and more men are just growing up to be big boys and then women have to take care of EVERYTHING. Men are made to be responsible, to protect and to serve and provide. Women should respect that instinct and encourage it. It ends up being to our benefit. There are some amazing competent men in this world and all men were born to be so. (My husband does all the driving. I'm not a bad driver, but he is an exceptionally good driver. Once I pitched a fit on a long road trip and wanted to take "my turn" driving. He let me and after 2 hours I thought I was crazy because it was draining and boring. Who wants to drive all the time? Sitting in the passenger seat is much more relaxing! I've never had a desire to be the driver since.)

  8. I so agree with you!! it is the age of the metrosexual men...I think it is from all the estrogens in the water we drink..every female over 14 is on the pill and it all goes down the drain and into our water...

  9. Read this too my husband and he agrees 110%.

    We both agree! Great post.



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