Monday, February 18, 2013

"A Gunman"

The news websites have information before, we, at my school do.  There has been a gunman spotted in a neighborhood Middle School.  I receive a text from my daughter at the High School one mile away from the gunman  "We are in Lockdown, something is going down at Heritage."  My mother heart is afraid, it's not her school but still, I worry.  I text her back, "You will be okay, just do everything they tell you to do."

We have contacted the police at my school and are assured we are far enough away that there is no "lockdown" required.  I answer calls from upset parents and try to calm their fears.  While answering calls and seeking information, I get another text from Ladybug, "They have locked all our doors, our lights are turned off, the windows are covered."  I assure her, "Just being cautious."  My heart is racing.

The streets have been closed off and heavily armed police are making a room to room search and sweep of the affected school.  A crisis center has been set up at a local church.  Still waiting for information.  Who is it?  What is going on?

More clarification comes from the media, it is not a gunman but a teen with a suspicious weapon was spotted by a student and teacher.  Still trying to identify the teen and weapon.  Waiting, watching, worried...

Information finally comes in, suspect has been caught with a fold up camping shovel he brought to school for a class project.  Really?  REALLY? We have become such a "trigger happy" society.  With what has been happening in the world, although it is certainly understandable.  All those children and their families have been traumatized over thankfully NOTHING.  But, why is it that we can't just ask the student, "Hey, what do you have there? A shovel?  What for? Let's go confirm that with your teacher"

I'm not a guy, but I certainly have more cajones than that teacher, just sayin'.  I would have just asked.  Most children are not evil.  I know we need to be cautious these days, but so many people are jumping to conclusions.  There needs to be a happy medium somewhere, don't you think?  Or perhaps we just need to outlaw fold up camping shovels.


  1. Wow-- that is just weird and extreme. Our high school had a lockdown a couple weeks ago as a precaution against a FB threat. That makes a little more sense to me.

  2. I was really nervous when I started reading this post. It is sad that our minds automatically go to the negative because of what this nation has been put through with violence at our schools. Glad it wasn't a big deal, poor guy is probably totally embarrassed!

  3. My heart clenched up. I sometimes think the fear will kill me off quicker than all the things I do fear. It's just too bad but I'm so glad all was well after all.

  4. How scary. Crazy world we're in! I'm so sorry you were put through that.


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