Friday, February 15, 2013

Hunger brought to you by the letter C

Today I am hungry.  I want to eat everything in sight.  I am shaky and maybe a little crabby.  I have been on a reduced sugar and carb diet, eating whole foods when I can.  My body is fighting me and so is my brain.  But I am stubborn.  This eating healthy thing is sometimes not for the faint of heart.  But, I will win.  It's the Swede in me.  I've lost three pounds so far this week, so I know it is working.

But would someone please just pass me a freaking cheeseburger and chocolate bar and a Cherry Coke.  Interesting how all the things I crave start with the letter "C".  Now that is something worth studying.

Does healthy eating send your system into an uproar?

Post edit:  I blew it!  I got caught up in all the lovely treats of Valentine's Day and completely blew it.  I was handed a beautiful sugar cookie decorated with gooey icing and red sprinkled sugar, and I could not resist.  Who turns down heart shaped cookies on Valentines?  No, not me.  That would be like turning down...LOVE.  Good thing tomorrow is always a new day.  


  1. Yum...cherry coke! I run a lot so I can justify eating whatever I want...which is a lot of bad stuff because I LOVE sugar! Good luck getting back to your diet!!

  2. I've been eating vegan lately, but yesterday for my SU's birthday (Spousal Unit), I cooked up t-bones. I have a feeling I'll be regretting it today. But like Jewls, I love sugar. I have a very high sugar threshold!

  3. hahaha!! I totally blew it too! I refuse to "diet"... it never works for me. So instead, I eat normally and try to retrain myself to eat smaller portions. So, nothing is restricted in my world. But it doesn't keep me from wanting to eat MORE if something tastes good. I just read an interview with Jillian Michaels and of all the things she said... my fav was this "Don't tell yourself you CAN'T eat this or that... say you WON'T... it changes the perspective from restriction to refusal.. it puts the power back in your own hands." I did it all day yesterday... it really worked!

  4. yep it sure does. I do allow myself a treat so I can curb the nagging needy voice in my head saying I need to eat all of the treats! lol

  5. Today IS a new day and I started again today too. I don't know how many times I have started over. Oh well. And, NO, there is NO WAY to pass up a frosted sugar cookie!

  6. Your post made me laugh! Esp. the part about the cheeseburger and cherry coke, I'd have to throw fries in there too. I just happened to freeze my gym membership for 3 mos. right before I read your post, since I've only been there about 3 times in the last six months. You can see how well it's going over here. :)

  7. I can completely understand how you feel! I have the WORST sweet tooth ever and I have no idea what to do about it!! Hope it went well for you, those sugar cookies had to taste so dang good good good!

  8. I learned how to eat healthy as a kid. My body has a natural sensitivity to sugar. I'm sure that I still eat to much, as any sugar is not healthy, but seriously a little tiny bit of anything does the trick for me. I think that denying ourselves something makes us crave it. It's best to cut portion sizes for the bad things (but not completely cut them out) and increase portion sizes for the good things. Like, a 1/2 cup of ice-cream is more than enough ice-cream for me. I can only finish the junior sized cheeseburgers. I don't even like carbonation (so if you see me drinking a carbonated beverage that means I'm really after the caffeine).

    Maybe there is a way to do it where you only cut back on the carbs and sugar whatever half of your goal is and let your body adjust to that over the space of a few months. And then once you feel good about eating that way then adjust it back like 1/2 of that, and then 1/2 of that. It might take a year to change the way your body feels about the food but then it could possibly be a more permanent transition and one where you don't feel deprived in the process.

    I think feeling deprived sabotages every single diet out there. No one likes to feel deprived.

    GOOD LUCK! Eating healthy is a challenge in our culture. I hope I'm not coming off as know-it-all or anything. It really DOES suck to have to think about what you eat and it is worse even to feel hungry for things you "can't" eat. It's like I can go almost an entire day not eating because I am busy and not even blink but the moment it is fast-Sunday I'm starving to death every minute of the day. :( So psychological.


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