Saturday, May 26, 2012

Third year in a row...

Remember when TJ graduated, and then Miguel?  Well, last night we attended another graduation.  That would be the third year in a row...This is for my son who isn't really my son.  But we say he is because he is at our house a lot and he eats a lot of our food and we love him.  So that pretty much qualifies you as a member of our family.  And he makes us laugh, so yeah, you are in....A lot of times I'll walk out of my bedroom in the morning and there he is crashed out on our couch.

 B-Lew!!!!  We knew you could do it.  We are so proud of you!!!  

We enjoyed a little BLT last night.

No more Taco Bell Arena for four years.  You know until Ladybug graduates.
Unless, of course, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood or Rascal Flatts comes to town.
Then all bets are off...


  1. Congratulations! A graduation is such a happy milestone! Gorgeous family.

  2. and congrats!!! a happy picture to celebrate!!

  3. Is that another high school graduation? I just had to sit through one. They are so exciting for the graduates. Hopefully they will then go out into the world and realize that the real excitement in life hasn't even started yet!

  4. Wow congrats! Graduations are always reasons to celebrate :)


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