Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moments of Emotion

Do you know that when I am experiencing high levels of emotion, I think I am a better writer?  I don't know why that is, and maybe I'm the only one who thinks it.  But when I'm wrapped up in something that seems to evoke a lot of emotion from me, which is quite difficult by the way, then I feel like I need to express it in my writing.

Otherwise, it seems like my writing style tends to lend itself more to the snarky side.  Being married to KT makes me an expert in sarcasm and offhanded witticism.  What I would like to learn as a developing writer is how to capture emotions and thoughts even when I'm not feeling them all the way to my toes.  And, that's no easy feat.

I feel like Miguel's impending departure has drawn some writing out of me that I might not have expressed otherwise.  Like when I wrote about Pressing Submit, Thirty Two Steps and Part Two.  OR, even Mother's Day.  

(And just so you know, extreme emotions just aren't my thing.  I don't necessarily want to seek it out, to live it and then express it.  I just want to learn how to express and avoid the whole feelings thing altogether.  Yes, I am my husbands wife.)

This is 2busy checking out...I will resume blogging once I see my two sons off at the airport.  What a sad day that will be...


  1. yes..I do not do well with extremes of anything either. I would rather read about these emotions than live them.
    good luck with everything g going on.

  2. I think that's how writing is supposed to be. It's supposed to help us relieve the pressure of our feelings. At least I know I need it for that very reason. Keep slaying away at the keyboard any time you need it. =)

  3. Hope you are doing well. I'm not in to extremes of emotions either. However, I'm probably a little more exuberant with emotion that some would like. Thanks for there words.


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