Monday, February 20, 2012

Runner Up

KT mentioned the other day that he wanted a "Trophy Wife".  Really, dear?  Well, I want an Adonis!  He likes to tease me, and he talks a lot of hot air, so I just ignored him.  But it stayed with me, and I mulled it over, and it mutated and festered...I stay fit, I wear clothes that aren't considered "frumpy", I take care of my hair and skin and for 42,  I don't think look TOO bad.  So later I told him he DID have a trophy wife, while I was changing and naked by the way....And he just looked at me raised his eyebrow and hesitated.


H - E - S - I - T - A - T - E - D ! ! !  

His hesitation spoke volumes, dictionaries, encyclopedias I tell you! Then he looked at me and said, "Well you are the hottest 42 year old I know.............Wait!  Does that include Jennifer Aniston?"  So you see peeps, I am a runner up to Jennifer Aniston, and you know what?

That's okay cuz she is fetchin' hot.


  1. That is too funny! Your husband sounds just like mine! I'm visiting from SITS...have a great day!

  2. I love that you said "fetch"

    {visiting from MMB}


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