Monday, February 6, 2012

A Practical Application of Simplicity

The other day I was overwhelmed, when I tell you, you will totally understand. I had a migraine and I was doing taxes. Need I say more? But then I had two playful teenagers making cupcakes (and a mess) in my kitchen and dog who would bark everytime they tried to wrestle and a special last minute request. Last minute I received a call asking me to feed two young missionaries. In my quest for simplicity, my first response was to say 'no' because, well, all of the above. But then I thought of Miguel leaving for a mission soon and I would hope that when he is in need of a meal someone will drop everything for him, because I love him and he is mine. And, these young boys are someone else's precious sons, if not a loving Heavenly Father's.

So I dropped the taxes, and despite the migraine, made dinner for these boys. And you know what? While they were there and we were talking and laughing and enjoying each other's company, my migraine went away. The cupcakes came in handy, too...

What I thought I needed to sacrifice in order to gain some simplicity, was the missionaries, when in reality it was putting everything else aside to serve. The taxes will keep for another day...Heavenly Father was teaching me a lesson on Simplicity. Thank you


  1. :) Love it! I hope your taxes are done now. They are a pain!

  2. Sounds like you conquered your Mary/Martha moment. Beautiful story.


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