Monday, February 13, 2012

Brad, the Main Course

Remember how I told you I deleted my Brad Paisley tickets? 
Thankfully the Idaho Center was able to reissue them otherwise, 
these sweet ladies would have gone all loco on me... 

Just kidding they probably would have forgiven me. 

(Left to right:  Ladybug, ME, J-Thurbs, and Mama Thurbs)

Daddy and Daughter 

And Brad himself....Like less than 10 feet away. 
I think he was looking at me ;)

 There was this crazy 42 year old woman climbing over chairs to try to get closer. 
 Oh the Shame!!!
 (That may or may not have been me...)


  1. I bet he was totally looking at you and checking you out. Glad you got the ticket ordeal sorted. :)

  2. How fun that you got to go to his concert!!!! Love your backround :o) No need to say sorry! Hope you are having a great day!!
    Take care...

  3. Sooo jealous! I love Brad Paisley. I went to a concert and he threw his hat and I wanted to punch the lady who caught it...okay not really but it would have been sahweet to catch it! :)

  4. I say if Brad was looking at you, crawl over whatever's in your way. No shame!

  5. Cool. My husband took two of my daughters to that very concert!


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