Friday, January 28, 2011

Marine Wife #3


KT was one of the first to return home.  When he had reenlisted it was because he opted for a specific training.  It was in the contract....When things were wrapping up quickly over there, the Marine Corps sent him home in March 1991 with some of the first soldiers coming home.  He had a contract...I was allowed to meet him then even though it was again, the middle of the night.  Like 2 am to be exact.  Do you think I slept, nope...I had a friend come with me to take pictures of our reunion.  Guess what...Her camera didn't work and the pictures didn't come out.  I'll have to settle for one like the above.  


My heart
a paradox
of emotions:
Fear, excitement.
My mind 
a labyrinth 
of confusion.
Our moment 
is not so far.
Though many months 
our separation,
only moments
to our reunion...

You, there,
all else a blur.
Focused only on you, 
and I am in your arms.
Those encircling, protective arms.
The great chasm 
in my heart
already it has healed.

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  1. Perfect! I love reunions. Those are the best moments.

  2. I have enjoyed you sharing your feelings over these past few posts. I'd love to hear more stories from that time.

    Poetry can express feelings that you just can't get out any other way.

    (And wow. Can I ever feel the pain of times when the camera not working).


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