Monday, January 17, 2011

Persian Gulf

Twenty years ago, KT was in the first gulf war. Don't let him fool you, though, he was on the island of Bahrain which is considered by the Arabs to be a resort. He might have had to dodge a few scud missiles, but he learned to play snooker... I was left home to work, hold down the apartment and be my friend's designated driver. What is it with military wives? So many just want to play when the hubby is gone. Not me, I was the dd and faithful to the core. I was not without some offers, though, I'm just sayin'...

I used to write poetry. I haven't in a long time, and I wasn't very good. My poetry was tied to emotions and experiences. It's how I used to express myself. Now I just yell...I have several poems that I wrote that seem to characterize what I went through when he was gone. In honor of twenty years ago, I will be sharing them in a three part series called "Marine Wife". Aren't you excited?


  1. Is it angry poetry? =) Just teasing! I can't wait to read it.

  2. I think it would be really tough to be a military wife. You must have a great strength of character to have done it with so much grace. :)


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