Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years Organization

Something about the New Year makes me want to clean and organize. I've done it before...I'll do it again. I was inspired by my dear friend Alicia to get up off of my booty and get to it. So, I have begun. I'm loving my bathroom right now. Do I have to use it? I might mess it up.

Then we loaded up the truck to make a huge donation to Deseret Industries. I don't do garage sales. They are just too much trouble. I like to bless the poor and get a tax deduction. See, I'm not that selfless, really.


  1. Wow...thanks for the credit! Your bathroom looks great! I just finished my laundry room and actually went and bought some paint, touched up the baseboards, door jams and shelves...I will post pix as soon as my vinyl that I ordered arrives!

    I feel the same way - do we have to use the places we just organized? It about killed me to put our dogs in the laundry room the other night after all my hard work at getting it clean (and getting rid of all the black dog hair under the washer, dryer and freezer!)...oh, well! :)

  2. Tho I HATE getting started organizing things, I love it when the process is done. It's invigorating. I keep everything nice and clean for a week...and then it all gets jumbled up again.

    I like your little crate things. I'm going to have to get some.

  3. I have the exact same shower curtain! I am in the process of organizing my daughter's room. So your not the only one who has caught the organizing bug.

    I don't do Garage sales either. I've sold a few things on Craigslist but mostly I just donate to Good Will.

  4. Me too! Funny enough, we took the kids I work with to DI for community service. We had to sort the clothes. WOW.

  5. That's what I need to do in my bathroom also! And I'd rather take stuff to donate than to deal with a garage sale also :-)


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