Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Favs

We all have trends and styles that we are most comfortable in...for me it is pants with "floppy pockets".  I don't know the official name for these kinds of pockets but that is what I lovingly refer to them as...I gravitate towards this style in my shorts, capris, jeans and dressier pants.

I also rarely leave the house without my silver hoop earrings.

In the winter/fall months, boots of any kind. 

But, if I could lounge around all day at home it would be in these Yoga pants.

What are your fashion favorites?


  1. Floppy pockets? haha. Thank goodness you had a photo. I like those too.

    Hoodie sweatshirts are my addiction. They go nicely with yoga pants.

  2. Love your new background - so fun!

    Um, yoga pants are on sale at Old Navy this week and supposedly the ones they have make your butt look great...I will need to STOCK UP! ;)

  3. I do love dresses and skirts. Even when it's 15 degrees!

  4. Im loving ruffed layered shirts, combined with a super cute cropped jacket.

  5. I'm in love with the new layout of your blog. And all of your fashion choices are similar to mine.

  6. My husband just got me some of those big hoop earrings for Christmas. I'm too chicken to wear them! Maybe I lack the self-confidence to pull them off.


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