Monday, August 9, 2010

Moments like these...

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It is in moments like these that I find my inner peace. It is quiet in my home. Not one person awake but me, well, except for KT who leaves for work so darn early. But, he's gone...I hear the cheerful chirping of the birds outside my window welcoming the day. The soft hum of the fan is comforting. It is a time of spiritual reading in my scriptures and reflection. It is when I feel my inner peace. It is my most favorite time of the day. Unfortunately my favorite time of the day is now numbered. Children will be back in school, I am returning to work today....Busy mornings will replace my quiet solitude. And, because I can't get myself out of bed at 4:00 am to regain my solace, I will have to find another time for my reflection and pondering. It's no wonder that Summer is my most favorite time of the year...

When do you make time for you?
How do you find your inner peace...


  1. Excellent question. I am home by myself a lot, but I could use more recharging.

  2. My "me" time is when I run. I've started running again, and today I remembered why I love it so much! It's such a great time to think, plus I usually get up earlier when I run so I have more time in the morning to enjoy my family!

  3. Great picture Lisa! I'm a night person. So after the kids go to bed is my time to unwind.

  4. my time is when I take a scalding hot shower. If not for that, I feel as if I have to be up and doing stuff, talking to people or just being productive


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