Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anxieties and Church

I've recently lost a couple of followers, so I suppose that I should pop out a couple of posts just to keep everyone baited. School started back up, and I have been busy doing Registrar stuff and anything and everything like unto it...

I had to speak today in church. Talk about anxiety attacks! I could have said, no. Maybe I should have said, no. But, I am trying to set a good example for my kids. I was asked to speak for 12-15 minutes on how to receive personal inspiration. 12-15 Minutes! I can't even get my dear KT to listen to me for 12 to 15 minutes. I encouraged everyone to turn down their hearing aides, take out the baby or just take a nap because I am used to not being heard. Unfortunately no one took my advice. My condolences to them! Well let's just say "I wasn't feeling so SURE", my palms were sweaty an my legs were shaking. Public speaking is not my first love, now that's an understatement. Gratefully, it's over and I'm crossing my fingers I'm not asked to speak for another seven years...


  1. I don't think I've spoken in church since I graduated seminary!

  2. Ha ha! I love speaking in church, weird I know! Interestingly though, we were asked to pray in Sacrament today and I was way more nervous for that then I am for speaking?!

  3. I doubt you lost followers for not posting as much. I have hardly posted at all this summer and no one has dropped off ... yet. Maybe people were just cleaning up their overly crowded blog rolls or not blogging much anymore.

    This summer has flown by. Super busy. I cannot believe that school is starting up again!

    I'm sure your talk was great. My biggest anxiety in giving talks is that it won't hit home for anyone and will just be a big waste of everyone's time. But lately in sacrament meeting the speakers have been pretty good. That's always nice. :)

  4. seven years!!!! I wish i could be so lucky. I used to love speaking in public - in college I had some really good teaching/ speaking experiences, but now, I hear "talk" and i get dry mouth syndrome and start sweating. I'm sure you did a good job :)

  5. I haven't been asked to give a talk in a long time. I hope to stay under the radar. =) I'm sure you're talk was wonderful. You never give yourself enough credit.


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