Friday, August 6, 2010

How do you stay cool?

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When I was a little girl we had a swimming pool. We rented my grandma's house, and we could go swimming anytime we wanted, just walk out the back door. When we moved to a new house, we were right up the street from Newbury Park High School. NPHS was blessed to have not one, but two outdoor pools. My mother would give us our admission money and my little brother and I would head down the street hand in hand for a full day of swimming and sunning.

A move to Colorado took away our blessed pool so close. Nearly everyday in the summer my mom would get up at 6:00 am exercise, clean house then devote the rest of the day to us. She would pack up a lunch, all the floaties and we would load up in the car for exotic destinations like Cherry Creek Resevoir and Chatfield Resvoir.

When my boys and Ladybug were little we went to Eagle Island State Park everyday in order to keep the house quiet for their night working daddy. Later we went to Roaring Springs and then my parents pool across the street. These days, the parents have moved and the boys are older. A suggestion of "Would you like to go to the 'rez'?" would be met with protests. What teenage boy wants to hang out with mom? So, Ladybug and I hole up in the air conditioning reading books and watching movies and remembering a life that used to be a lot more fun.

What do you do to stay cool?


  1. Unfortunately it has been so hot here that we don't even go to the pool at my mom's apartment. It's hard with two non swimmers too, especially when the youngest just wants to jump into the pool over and over again.

    This week we have been to the Children's Musuem (we have a membership) and to the bookstore where there are toys and trains for the boys and all the books Abby can dream of. Plus I can sit and read a magazine for free!

  2. We have lived in our condo over 5 years, and it has a pool, and I have never used it! I think the older I've gotten, the less I like to swim.


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