Saturday, November 7, 2009


Today I am officially retracting my post from yesterday. KT was perturbed with me for my post yesterday saying it isn't a correct representation of him. I will and have admitted to sarcasm and teasing in the past. Though this does happen at my house probably not nearly as often as my post may have eluded to. So in order to keep the dear husband happy, I am stating here that it doesn't happen that often, and more so with the boys. Often because their hands are cold, and it is a warm place to take the chill off. I will admit to warming my cold toes in KT's region at times. Sometimes it is just more convenient than a pair of socks.

KT, does this suffice?


  1. That is so funny!!!!! I mentioned your post to my husband and he said that although he doesn't ever do that (it's a personality thing or something) that it is not at all uncommon and that most guys do that.

  2. This is funny! Many men in my life would completely understand this, but i can't divulge any names to protect their incognito-ness. If you catch my drift. :P

    PS: fun stripey socks pic!!


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