Friday, November 6, 2009

Is it still there?

Is this a problem in your house? I don't remember my dad ever doing this, I guess he still had his invisible lines of propriety. But, in my house, you can catch every male member at some time or another sticking his hands down his pants. What the *#&~!? There is no shame! I've been known to throw out snide comments like, "Is it still there?", "Have you found it yet?", or "Go wash your hands, you pee with that thing!". I don't understand the male psyche. They say, "Well it itches!". Even so, I itch, and you won't catch me with my hands down my pants digging around. I mean, come on, that really would not look right, would it? Gratefully, they have never done this in public. My embarrassment and mortification on their behalf is, thankfully, limited to my home.

Does this happen in your family or are my guys just fixated?


  1. I don't recall my dad ever doing that. I laughed so hard reading your post. Males do tend to scratch where and WHEN it itches. I see men in suits and ties scrratching LOL. Women...nope we just don't do that. Great post.

  2. I know this is a guy thing and happens everywhere but my hubs doesn't do it. He also likes privacy when he pees and I have never heard him toot toot. Yes, I said toot toot. lol. I guess I'm lucky :)

    Thank you for sharing in my SITS day last week, I am still playing catch up!

  3. Never happened here. My husband would be mortified if my sons did it (although they never have) and he would think it was disgusting if anyone he knew actually did that. Sorry! :)

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  5. My dad would have never done that.

    My husband on the other hand...every other day. He says, "It's comfortable."

    I bet.


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