Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Definition of my worth

Contentedness fills my soul today. My clean home sparkles and the smells of fresh baked bread is emanating from the kitchen. Clean fresh laundry is stacked and waiting to be put away. Service to my family is what can bring me the most pleasure. I am so grateful for my womanhood. I love and embrace my role as a mother and wife. It is the job that the Lord meant for me to have. As a natural born nurturer, my jobs at home are the ones that bring the most reward and the most pleasure. I have decided that my paycheck is not what defines my worth, but the happy, contented smiles of my husband and children. Thank you Lord, for making me who I am.


  1. Wonderful post! I too love serving my family...and it is fulfilling in ways nothing else can.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Beautiful post! I feel the same way. There is nothing like a clean home, fresh bread, and the smiles of a happy family.


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