Monday, November 9, 2009

17 Again

I know I'm a little behind in the posting about 17 Again. But, with my oldest who is 17 fixing to graduate in two months, It has got me thinking.  I am a 17 year old stuck in an old ladies body.  This is a brain storm list of 17 things that I remember from being 17 and things that remind me of being 17 again...

1. The smell of text books
2. A swig of Martinelli's. (My fav back then)
3. Extra Spearmint gum
4. The smell of flowers in the Spring, there is a certain scent that kind of smells like candy. Reminds me of the smell around my high school and spring fever.
5. Driving with the windows down with the wind blowing through my hair reminds me of driving down the highway in my boyfriends Landcruiser with the top down.
6. the smell of auto grease
7. Singing in my car to the tunes of Yaz
8. The movie Grease II. I knew all the lines and could sing along to all the songs. I was a freak!
9. 1977 Orange Volkswaggen "Wabbits". I see them every once in a while. The ones that haven't been condemned yet.
10. The book Gone With the Wind. (I read that my Senior year!)
11.  Drive In Movies
12.  Halstons Perfume
13.  Days of Our Lives on tape
14.  Summers at Chatfield Resevoir (sometimes Cherry Creek)
15.  Ashby & McCreadie (where I worked)
16.  4 wheeling
17.  Church dances

What reminds you of being 17 again?


  1. I'm worried that it means something that nothing reminds me of being 17. Maybe my Drivers License since I didn't get one until I was 17.

    I really liked 17 Again too!

  2. Great post! I think we all keep some of this deep in us!

  3. Hmm,

    Little Mermaid, on the big screen, the first time.
    Orange VW rabbits in the homecoming parade.
    Girls Choice dance the night before Thanksgiving. I still think of it every year, as much as I try not to!

  4. Oohhh I loved being 17! Some things that remind me of it are...

    Lonestar's "Let's Be Us Again", my 2 door Ford Explorer (my first car!), driving around being a total goof with my best friend on Friday nights, Thoreau, and Latin class.

  5. lets see.... marching band (i was a total geek) sleeping on trampolines, and tubas. like i said, i was a total geek. :) thanks for sharing your list!

  6. First year in my life that I felt like I fit in. Jr. Year is suppose to be the best for me this was true. First date,kiss,and boyfriend. 17 was the best!

  7. 17 .... was that really so long ago? Yep. Way back then ... Some of the old U2 songs, from the Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. I went to DC by myself for 2 weeks when I was 17 ... I still remember that. Dance. Way back then I actually danced. I wish I'd never stopped.

  8. High school football games!

    And may I say, NICE picture. I love that boy. I love to look at that boy. Even if it's creepy. :)


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