Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

What a wonderful time of the year to count our blessings and express our gratitude! So many bloggers have been taking the whole month of November to express something they are grateful for each day.  I decided to do it today, Thanksgiving, even though I truly am thankful for these little babies every day!  While you are reading this, I will be in the kitchen cooking.

1. KT - my eternal companion, hard worker, self-sacrificing, my best friend
2. TJ - my oldest son, funny, helpful, grown up, my friend
3. Miguel - 2nd oldest son - HILARIOUS, full of energy, happy, spiritual rock
4. Ladybug - my baby girl, fun, helpful, dependable, my mini me
5. My Parents - my friends, live close, family dinners, my rock
6. My brother & his family - great cooks, family get togethers, fun to be around. baby Z satiates my baby craving.
7. My Home - needs new carpet, but has a new strong roof to weather the storms. My shelter from this world.
8. My mini van - I complain because it isn't cool and it's old, but it's PAID FOR.
9. My job - reliable, fun, great people to work with, being around youth, allows me to be there for my kids.
10. My Savior Jesus Christ - Yeah, He probably should have been at the top. My Brother, my Redeemer, loves me unconditionally.
11. My Church - great people, sense of belonging, gives me direction, helps me live a good life.
12. Health - you don't realize how grateful you are for it until you are sick. I am SO GRATEFUL for all the days I am normally healthy.
13. Running - I am grateful that my body has the strength to let me do this. Happy endorphins, endurance, exercise, feels great
14.  Marriage - 20 years!  Reliable, stable, comfortable, nurturing
15.  Micron - It still pays the bills despite pay cuts and layoffs.
16.  Books - reading, escape, entertainment, drinking in good words.
17.  Food - I am always battling with a few pounds here or there.  I should be grateful because it means I always have good food to eat.
18.  Quiet afternoons - time to catch up on cleaning, reading or exercise before everyone comes home.  I am able to collect myself.
19.  Music - guitar, piano, country, lifts my spirits, brings joy
20.  Chocolate - need I say more?


  1. Awesome list!!!!!! I have to say, mine would parallel it very closely!

  2. Those are some great things to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa!

  3. Wonderful list! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful too!


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