Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just because...

Isn't it sad that family is often the meanest to each other, the less tolerant and most disrespectful? We often have more tolerance for acquaintances, friends and strangers than we do our own family.
Just because... you've grown a beard and we miss your dimples doesn't mean you are a bum.
Just because... you've grown a ponytail and you are teased about it doesn't mean disrespect. (Didn't know your weird skin disease meant you couldn't cut your hair.)
Just because.. a complaint was made about owning two homes and needing to sell the other doesn't mean it was a brag. It was an "Oh crap!" Complaint.
Just because... it was mentioned caring for a grandmother/mother in hospice over the last year does not mean insensitivity to the loss of a cousin/niece. We do not know it all nor was that was ever professed. Perhaps you believe that people other than yourself should be seen and not heard.
Just because... you are rich and rub shoulders with famous people does not make you right, it just makes you arrogant.
Just because... you have bragged about your $5,000 cameras, homes on the water in Florida, yachts, cruises, trips to Europe, helping your son with his business, buying your granddaughter a house and all the good you do for your Gardener and maid, has never made us jealous. Good for you that you can do that for others and yourself. But, isn't sad that you have to feel good about yourself by tooting your own horn?
Just because... you lost a case with the government for tax fraud or whatever that was, does not mean we will allow you to pilfer whatever money a 90 year old woman with dementia has in her bank account, even if she says it is okay.
Just because...This isn't my fight, but I still want to vent, I am putting this on my blog. Because you are someone who would never lower himself to reading the blog of a niece whom you have never had an interest.
And, one day, when your meds are corrected, and you are able to see clearly what you have done, you will lament being a sad, lonely old man.
One more thing....I will kick your old man ass if you come after my mother again.
Ahhh, now doesn't that feel better? YES!


  1. i second jenimur's comment. totally!

  2. I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. I'm glad that you stood up for your mother. She's lucky to have you.

    Justice comes in the form of having to live with oneself for eternity. :)

  3. The best drama is always family drama. You could base a tv series off my own family antics. I bet yours would be quite titillating as well. =)

  4. Ah family...can't live with em, can't shoot em. Or can you? They always say you can't choose your family but it doesn't mean you have to like them or that they are good people. Plenty of scumbags in my family. But, even though your mum didn't actually choose you, I bet she would have if she could've :)

  5. After spending 6 weeks with a great deal of my family recently I know where you're coming from. I survived it though. lol. The guy you mention here does sound hard to take. Think you handled it well though in this post.


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