Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Believe...

We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

We are a respectful religion and people.  We believe in the First Amendment of Freedom of Religion.  I have never sat through a worship service where we spend our time preaching against another religion.  That's just not done.  We spend our time speaking of the Savior and how we can become more like Him.  It's sad that some churches feel it necessary to have sermons and conferences demonizing the LDS church.  It is very prevalent in the area I live, and you can even read the jabs on the churches billboards.  If they only knew that we love them and respect them for all the goodness that they do.  It would be nice if it could be reciprocated.

Now, we are a missionary church.  You've probably seen our young men of 19-21 years old riding around on their bikes in suits.  I lovingly refer to them as the pedaling Mormons.  These young men and young woman are not out to force religion on anyone.  Remember we believe in letting others worship "How where or what they may".  But, we are out there to share something that we feel is precious to us and worth sharing.  If they show up at your door, you can respectfully listen to their message or respectfully turn them away.  That is your choice.  Please remember to be respectful and kind.  My oldest will be putting aside college, giving up his time and money to become a "pedaling Mormon" in just a year and a half.  It is a huge self sacrifice to put your self aside and dedicate two years to the Lord and serving in the community of your own will.  Remember they are someone's sons or daughters and brothers or sisters.


  1. my eyes and heart welled and swelled! This was written with the spirit of love! I so agree. The best we can do is be a friend. A true friend to those who hate and despise us and don't understand us.
    They are afraid of the unknown, they are afraid of what they were taught.
    When they know me as a friend. A true friend they can put aside everything they have heard and say well, I know this one mormon and she was nothing like that.

    But first, I think we as mormons need to be better friends to each other. Better friends to those already in the gospel. I think in general mormon women are petty.
    WE already think we are better than our neighbors because we have the "power" LOL, tongue in cheek. The gospel.
    It isn't any fun comparing ourselves against the gentiles.
    So, you compare and turn yourselves against your fellow members.
    Our family is perfect. Johnny got his eagle at 14, suzy got her medallion at 13. I make my own bread. all great things but said in a way to make another member, feel like they are less, and you are better.
    I notice in my ward it is a bit competitive but being the ripe old age of 39. and knowing truly who I am, I step back and smile and say have at it ladies. Because this is one area I don't need to compete in.

    Have you ever seen the movie mean girls?? It's ok, but it is at the end. Where she learns her lesson and then sees the new girls rising up and being the "plastics". I see it, young mothers trying to do the best they can, not doing what they know or feel is right, but doing what society tells them is right.
    I say "chill" so sorry, major soap box! delete this lame comment.

  2. my son will be putting his papers in about the same time yours will. Maybe they will be in the MTC together or even serve together. Warrior gets along with everyone! It's one of his traits or characteristics.

  3. It really is so foreign to me that churches would actually preach against other churches.

  4. I think it's great what they're doing- dedicating themselves to God's work first before going out and doing their own thing. Not many youth like that today.

  5. I've had very good experience with the mormon people in my area. There are lots of other churches here ... I haven't seen anything against the Mormons but I know that many of them do "teach" what Mormon's believe. Only, they don't. I think the best way to learn what a religion believes is to ask people who belong to that religion. In this case, if someone wanted to learn what Mormon's believed they should ask the missionaries! Or a member! I've never understood why other people don't see through being taught "doctrine" about a different church that is not actually taught at that church.


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