Friday, September 11, 2009

What were you doing?

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday? Those horrible events of 9/11 that unfolded right before our eyes...My alarm had just gone off at 6:30 am to go for a run. I laid in bed for a few minutes listening to the radio when the news broke that an airplane had accidentally flown into the Trade Center. Initially that was what was reported. I ran to the living room to watch t.v. and see it for myself. For the rest of the day I was riveted in sick horror. My dad was working in Washington D.C. in an office building across from the Pentagon. When the plane hit there, he found himself across the street trying to help but not knowing exactly what to do in the chaos that followed. We tried to get a hold of him by phone and e-mail. The circuits were down. We were afraid for him. Eventually we got through. He detailed the gaping hole in the pentagon, the mass pillar of smoke and the max exodus of people from the city as he watch from his office window. He watched the national guard rolling down the streets in their Humvees trying to bring security at an insecure time. We were more than Democrats or Republicans. We were more than people of race and color. Religions did not divide. We were merely Americans who, hand in hand, for once stood united in some of the darkest days of our history.
It is a day that we will never forget...How about you? What were you doing on that infamous day?
God bless America!


  1. Beautiful tribute!! I was driving to work when I noticed none of the radio stations were playing music. It was the same news report over and over. The first plane had struck the World Trade Center. Then shortly after I arrived at work the second plane struck. I remember that awful feeling of clarity coming over me. I realized this was no accident. This was planned. Has to be one of the darkest days of my life. =)

  2. It was my MILs birthday. She never celebrates her birthday ON her birthday since that day.

  3. So eloquently written. We were but Americans that day, sharing in the same horror. I was at home walking through each room cleaning house and happened to notice the horrific news on tv as I passed. Needless to say, the rest of my day was spent in shock.

  4. i was at work (a veterinarians office) and one of our clients called to cancel their appointment and told us to turn on the tv. we turned on the little 10" tv in dad's office and saw the beginning of it all. luckily no animals needed our attention - no one was left in the hospital and no one showed up for appointments the rest of the day. it was just understood. I also remember dad taking all of the family vehicles (including mine and i didnt even live there) to fill up on gas.

    I could go on minute by minute... that is one day that i will never forget.

    side note --- my husband had gone into the MTC the day before. (obviously i didnt know him yet.)

    thanks for this post :)

  5. thank you for this piece. i never will or want to forget that moment in history. it was important to know where each of my family members were- many hours on the phone tears were spent.

  6. I live in Australia so it was night time here. I was waiting for my husband to come home from his night shift and I was flicking through the tv channels and I put it on the news channel. I don't know why because I never watched that channel before but as I did they were reporting that the first plane had hit the Tower. At first I thought it was a movie because it didn't seem real. When I realised it was actually happening I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe a plane would accidently crash into the World Trade Centre. Then I saw the other plane hit and it just seemed so surreal. By then my husband had come home and I showed him what was happening. Then we watched as the towers came down. The thing I find so weird about the whole thing is that I found out about it before a lot of Americans did. I have a friend who works in Manhattan and gets off the subway just opposite where everything happened. I was so worried about her and I couldn't get in touch with her by phone so I just wrote an email and hoped she would reply. She replied hours later. She didn't even know anything about it...she had been sick and taken the day off work and slept through the whole thing!


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