Monday, September 28, 2009

That's What She Said...

Watching THE OFFICE is like a religion in our family.  Even my 11 year old laughs at the humor.  We are all Dwights, Michaels and Jims pulling practical jokes and laughing at each other.  I even helped my son put his seminary teacher's stapler in jello.  Unfortunately, the biggest joke we have picked up from the show is "That's what she said..."  I could be talking about how large a pastry is and I hear from somewhere in the house, "That's what she said..."  "This math problem is too hard..."  "That's what she said..."  While these jokes are sexual in nature, my 11 year old can dish them out along with her brothers.  Thankfully, she has no clue...I'm so glad I didn't grow up with big brothers to pollute my sweet innocent mind. 

I have been reflecting on the name of my blog, ALL ABOUT ME, I have decided I am in need of a change.  Like rearranging the furniture in a room for a facelift, so must I rearrange my blog.  My blog shall hereto henceforth be known as THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID.

And now you know why...


  1. I don't "get" the office and I don't think it's all that funny. (GASP) Sorry. I hope we can still be blogging buddies after this profound revelation.

    Change is always good and I like the new title. It suits you. =)

  2. I never watch tv so I've never seen it. I think it is interesting though how families have their family shows. My kids have been watching old reruns of Mcguiver (sp?).

  3. My hubby's favorite show is The Office. I watch it with him sometimes. I like the humor. Laugh-out-loud funny sometimes. I was wondering what was up with the blog title change. I like it! :-)

  4. I have the last disc of Season 5 to watch, and then I will be caught up. I will then need to watch the two episodes of the season.

    I started watching only last year. I know!

    And I make a Michael Scott reference in my post tomorrow.

  5. just found you, so the name isn't new to me! i still like it! lol

  6. This is the reason I follow your blog. I KNEW you were an office fan. :)
    My husband just bought me season 5, and we have been watching it for the past 3 days. its like a sick addiction - we cant stop. (thats what she said)
    I like the new blog title!

  7. My friend John says this ALL the time:) I'm glad your 11 year old hasn't caught onto the sexual innuendo!

  8. I'm such a big office fan! I went through a whole entire year saying (at least in my head) "that's what she said"...

    Are you a 30 Rock fan, too?

    I'll be away for the next several days...have a great rest of the week and weekend...(I feel bad that I'll be missing G. Conference)

    I'll catch up with you next week...


  9. i don't think i have watched the office! or maybe i have seen it once. but, i may not have gotten the humor. I like funny! I'm humorous. LOL, so I will have to check it out again.
    oh but, I did not like napoleon dynamite either. so...

  10. I love the Office! And I am a little disturbed by the above comment that said she didn't 'get' it. This is one of the best shows of.all.time! I love Michael Scott!

  11. Dude! I feel like my own blog title got bogarted! : )
    I guess great minds think alike.
    The Office is a staple at our house and quoted more than should be. That Michael! Me likey....


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