Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Best Of...

Everyone has their "top moment" or "top favorites" or "top something or other".  Since this is my blog, I feel like sharing with you some of my top most visited posts of all time..because I'm cool like that.  I'm sharing 7 because 7 is my husbands favorite number.  Weird...I don't have a favorite number...Do you?

#7 - Counting My Blessings - where I name a few missionary blessings I had been receiving.

Blessings Quote for Friendster - Count Your Blessings

#6 - Reaffirmations - An alternate to resolutions from 2009

#5 - I Pressed Submit - That time I pressed submit on my son's mission papers

#4 - Toaster Babies - How my children and teenagers have/had sleep problems...Just popping up ALL the time (wouldn't you love to have a cute little toaster like this?)

#3 - Easter Advent - I know we just finished up with Christmas, but it never hurts to look ahead.

#2 - Camp Crafts - Remember when I was in charge of Camp Crafts?  Lots of visits to this one...

#1 - 24 Days of Christmas and a Gift for you - Top visited of all time post! You can never prepare too early for next Christmas.  Just sayin'

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