Friday, March 14, 2014

What 16 looks like

This is ladybug and her wonder woman pose or superman, yeah, superman...she's a big fan.

She turned 16 on the 4th and broke her mama's heart.  
I told her when she was little to quit that growing up, and she was exasperated at 5 years old and said, 
"I don't know how to stop!"

I don't usually make a big birthday deal...we celebrate with family and offer small gifts.  
But, 16, that birthday is a monumental birthday.  
She can date and at some point, when "I'm ready", 
She can drive.

Can you tell what Ladybug's favorite color is?  

I love mason jars, and decided to use them for putting out the treats...
We used them for cutlery, too.
Cutlery...that's a funny word.

What an amazing, sweet, smart and righteous daughter Ladybug has become!
I am grateful and feel truly blessed.

*Happy Birthday to you printable here
*Celebrate banner printable here

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  1. Cute birthday ideas. I have always made birthdays a big hoopla event. I love that there's one day a year to really celebrate family and make them feel like queen/king for the day.

  2. <3 What a great party I'm so excited for her. :-) You're an awesome mom!


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