Monday, March 10, 2014

Basketball and Missionary Work {Miguel's Missionary Moment}

March 3, 2014

"This week was pretty great, we had a lot of teaching and we taught a total of 34 lessons.  Loraine has decided to be baptized on the 22nd! She had been praying about the date and she wanted to do it, but her member son thought it was to soon. One day she called us and the first thing she said was "I'm getting baptized on the 22nd." It was sweet!  She loved church again and is on track.  We have talked a lot about opposition and she says she is getting it but she recognizes it so that is great! We also had a girl named Desiree come to church.  She is the 19 year old daughter of  a less active member. I haven't taught her yet because I have been on exchange both times.  She is praying about baptism.  We have a bunch of other people we are teaching.  There is a guy named David we took on a church tour, but he got called into work right before church.  Hopefully he will be there next week.   

Some crazy stuff went down this week!! I went to a Pentecostal church on Sunday.  It was crazy because they didn't teach any type of doctrine.  They talked more about the tacos they would be selling after church more than Jesus! It was just so different to me! People were collapsing and yelling and like climbing over pews and blessing people! I felt no spirit at all!! It was way fun to watch, though! Also we totally played basketball with some kids 2 on 8.  They were little kids it was so funny. They were like talking crap before we started playing.  Also Elder Rindlisbacher is a stud here is a picture to prove it. 

Hamer out!!"

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