Saturday, March 15, 2014

One Word and {MMB}

There was that one time BACK IN JANUARY that I wrote a post for MMB.  It just showed up yesterday...But, hey, we all need a little reminder and motivation whether we chose resolutions or One Word.

Please join me on MMB and Throw out your resolutions for good...

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  1. I know of a few other bloggers who choose one word to focus on each year. One is Rhianne of "For the Easily Distracted." (She sometimes blogs about her experiences, struggles, and triumphs with the word, though her blog is mostly a photography blog.) This year, I didn't really pick a word, but I didn't really make black-and-white resolutions, either. I think I'm just trying to focus on being happy. I suppose, then, that "happy," is my word. Or, rather, the word "pause." Pause and think. Pause and reflect. Pause and take time to respond. Pause and remember what would be best for you, best for others, best for the world.


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